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Coach or Consultant

The other week someone introduced me as a Business Consultant. I didn’t take offence, but I really do try to avoid being described as a consultant.

I once heard an apt definition of a consultant as… “Someone who saves his client almost enough to pay his fees”. Now do you see why I’m a little sensitive?

I work with my clients to facilitate change; to help move them from where they are today to where they want to be; to deliver real, quantifiable value; to make a measurable difference to their businesses and their lives.

I don’t work with business owners who are completely satisfied with where they are today. I don’t work with business owners who are completely happy with their companies, their staff, their turnover and their progress. Come to think of it though, I haven’t actually met too many business owners who fit that description.

My clients either have too much to handle or not enough to meet their needs – either way I can help them. And I bet that every one of you knows someone who fits that description so please tell them about me.

I’m Dave Baker and I’m a Business Coach

An Interesting Calculation

Grab a pen and a calculator and try out this calculation:

Enter the age (in years) at which you intend to stop working.

Now subtract the age the age you started full-time work.

Now multiply the result by 48 (I’m assuming that you do take some time off each year but, if not, multiply by 52)

Now multiply that by the average number of hours you work each week

Now look carefully at that number

That’s the total number of working hours remaining to you

for the rest of your working life!

It’s not a huge number is it?

If it had a £ sign in front of it and you had that much money you wouldn’t exactly be rich.

It really is not a LOT of time!

Most important of all, it’s not a renewable resource!

How much of your working time are you prepared to use for deserving causes (planning, training, investing in your future etc.)?

How much of that time do you regularly give to people about whom you know nothing (unexpected visitors, interruptions, phone calls etc.)?

Do make sure that you use your time wisely because the only certainty is that tomorrow there will be less of it!

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