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Someone To Talk To

I signed up a new client recently and after our meeting I sat down and tried to analyse exactly what it was that attracted her to sign with me.

Now I could assume that it was my handsome features or my magnetic personality but I’m not into self delusion!

She is a very capable and confident business person and her business is successful so she doesn’t obviously need specific help or advice.

I concluded that it was something really simple – she just wanted someone to talk to!

Now you’re probably asking yourself why she would be so rash as to pay me every month just so she can talk to me – after all there must plenty of other people in the world she could talk to who wouldn’t charge her money for it.

The point is I don’t have a hidden agenda. I’m not trying to sell her something extra; I’m not trying to lend her money; I’m not offering to recruit staff for her; I have no favourites or internal political views that relate to her company or her family – I’m there to listen to her; to challenge her ideas; to offer additional ideas and opinions about her business based on my experience both of running my own businesses for over 20 years and 5 years of coaching other business owners; to provide a sounding board that will enable her to gain an additional perspective on her business.

She believes that this will be worth the money that she pays me and that it will give her a good return on her investment and help to make her even more successful.

Do you know any other business owners who need someone like me to talk to? If so please refer them to me.

5 Reasons To Talk To A Business Coach

Do you believe that the country has come out of the recession? Do you think that we’re heading for a ‘double-dip’ recession soon? Well, either way from my perspective it’s still pretty tough out there for small businesses right now so is it really a good time for a business to consider spending money on a business coach?

Well I know I’m biased because I am a business coach but here are 5 reasons why I believe that hiring the right business coach is a good investment for any business.

  1. A business coach is not directly involved with the day-to-day running of the business so will not be bogged down by many of the issues that affect the business owner
  2. A good business coach will combine formal business coach training with practical experience – i.e. they will have directly experienced many of the issues affecting the business and will have the benefit of those experiences to provide guidance to the business owner
  3. A business coach will ‘see’ the business from an external perspective and will be able to offer constructive suggestions and observations that might not occur to someone working in the business
  4. A business coach will help the business owner to focus; to set short and medium-term goals and monitor progress towards achieving them
  5. A good business coach will bring positive, significant and measurable returns to the business

And just in case you don’t believe the last one, here a quote from one of my satisfied clients

“We have a measurable 60% increase in turnover from this time last year which is largely due to the coaching skills of Dave Baker”

If you want your business to move out of these recessionary times, don’t be hesitant, talk to a business coach and find your route to success.

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