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Invest it Wisely

If, on the day you left school or college to start work for the first time, someone had presented you with a cheque for £12,000 and told you to invest it wisely because that was the only investment you would ever get for the rest of your working life then, without a doubt, some people would use it wisely and some would just fritter it away – after all, £12,000 is not really a lot of money for your whole working life is it?

Well, think on this. If you start work at 17 years old, retire at 66, work an average 5 day week with an average of 4 weeks total holiday per year then the total number of working days in your whole working life is 11,760 days.

Not a lot really is it? Make sure that you invest your time wisely!

February and March Events in Suffolk

A couple of events worth considering for this month and next
“Show Your Business Some Love (and Love the Results)” an FSB event at University Campus Waterfront Building Thursday Feb 17th at 6:30 for 7pm – this event is being organised by UCS 3rd year students sponsored by the FSB and has a couple of good speakers (Andy Wood of Adnams and motivational speaker Robert Snow). Contact to book (£10 for non FSB members)


Great practical workshop on social networking for business being run by Ian McKendrick ( Thurston Grange Hotel near Bury St Edmunds on Tuesday 22nd March 9:30 start see FSB web site for more details when available (