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The two essential qualifications for a business coach?

I was reading a rather scathing article about business coaching the other day. It gave the author’s opinion of what the two most important qualifications were for a business coach – and according to those standards I’m only half qualified.

Now, my personal opinion is that I believe a good business coach should have experience of business – it’s all very well having text book qualifications but I really believe that a good coach has to have sampled some of the success and learnt from some of the failures.

Secondly, I think that a good business coach must be a good listener; one who actually hears what their clients are really saying rather than just picking out a few words here and there and filling in the blanks with assumptions.

So what were the qualifications referred to in the article? Grey hair and haemorrhoids. The grey hair to make you look distinguished and the haemorrhoids to make you look concerned

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I’ve got grey hair!