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Making The Right Decision

An employee was talking to his somewhat taciturn boss and asked:

“Sir, what is the secret of your success?”
“Right decisions” his boss replied.
“But sir, how do you make the right decisions?”
“Experience” was the reply.
“And sir, how do you get experience?”
“Wrong decisions” came the answer!

It’s true though – to become successful you do have to make some wrong decisions and learn from them.

A business coach won’t know all the right answers and won’t necessarily be able to help a business owner from making wrong decisions but a good, experienced business coach will be able to help the business owner to measure what is happening with their business and then make qualified and, hopefully, right decisions for the future. And if some of those decisions do turn out to be wrong for the business, then the business coach is there to ensure that the business owner actually does benefit from the experience.