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Seeing the Bigger Picture

My wife and I went to New Zealand a couple of years ago and I took over 500 digital photos of our holiday. We’ve looked through those photos and put them in scrap books to remind us, but of course, each individual photo just gives us a small window on the view that we were seeing at the time.

Recently I purchased some really whizzy software that takes digital photos that overlap slightly in their view and stitches them together as panoramas, and the difference is quite astounding. All of a sudden we are seeing again the complete views that so amazed us on holiday.

So what’s the connection with business coaching? Well I work with my clients and help them to stand back and piece together an overall view of their respective businesses through looking at all the individual aspects separately – things like sales, marketing, systems and people – and then put them together as a single, bigger picture. It’s amazing the difference it makes in terms of understanding where they are and deciding where they really want to be.

If you know any small businesses that could benefit from seeing the wider view of their business please refer them to me.