Business Boost

We can’t promise to give you wings but we can give you some great tips and suggestions to make your business really fly.

Business Boost is a confidential, half-day, business stimulant. We’ll look at all aspects of your business; where you are now, where you want to be, what your ideas are for getting there and what, if anything, is holding you back.

We’ll look at your products and services, both current and proposed and we’ll check that you’re making the most of them We’ll look at your marketing and check that it matches both what you are selling and who you are trying to sell it to. We’ll look at your business systems and check that they’re doing what they should be doing – and we’ll suggest additions and improvements that could help save you stress, time, energy and money (s.y.s.t.e.m.)

In short, we’ll help you boost your business to new levels of success and, here’s the really good bit, if you book your Business Boost online by clicking here, we’ll also save you some money by giving you a special on-line discount of £100! That’s right; by booking online and paying in advance we’ll reduce our normal charge of £350 (plus VAT) to £250 (plus VAT) – actually that means you’ll save a total of  £120.00 including VAT!

And, finally, if you take up our offer and for whatever reason genuinely believe that you haven’t received full value for money then we’ll give you your money back, in full. So what have you got to lose? Book your Business Boost now before it’s too late.

You can book your regular Business Boost using the form below. When you complete the form you will be given the option to take up our offer and pay in advance at the special reduced price of £250.00 + VAT

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