Tipping The Scales

Tip the scales in your favourHave you ever thought that, with just a little bit of luck, you could succeed with this or make that happen? Well, more often than not, in business, you make your own luck and there are many things that can tip the scales in your favour.

Be Different

Look around you; check out your competitors. How many other businesses are doing what you do or selling what you sell? What attracts prospective customers to come to you? Why would they buy from you rather than from one of your competitors?

In the first instance, you need to attract potential customers; whether it’s a case of getting them to your web site or physically bringing them to your door you need to do or to have something that makes you and your business stand out from the crowd.

It could be your name; it could be the colour scheme you use for your web site or your premises; it could be an introductory offer you are making; it could be that you are regarded as the expert on your particular topic or in your specific area; it could just be that you are particularly good at getting other people to recommend you – whatever it is, it needs to distinguish you clearly from your competitors.

Be Exceptional

Don’t just be different, be exceptional! In reality, it’s not that you have to do too much to be exceptional:

  • A little note with each delivery that says “Thank you for your order”
  • A card to acknowledge a special occasion for a regular customer
  • A little bit extra with each order (a small free gift or a token certificate perhaps)
  • A hints-and-tips booklet telling how to get the most from your product or service
  • A loyalty card to encourage further custom
  • Something as simple as a personal “Hello, how are you” to regular customers

Get Another Perspective

One of the toughest things is to be able to see yourself and your business as others see you.

  • What do your adverts really look like?
  • Are your premises welcoming?
  • What sort of image does your staff project to customers?
  • How well is your telephone answered?
  • Does your web site work properly?
  • Does your correspondence look professional?

It’s so easy to overlook potential problems and issues that could be preventing potential customers from coming and buying from you.

Well fear not; help is at hand. Here at Charting Success we understand what makes people buy (and what makes them walk away to buy from someone else!) as well as what attracts them in the first place and we can help you succeed by tipping the scales heavily in your favour.

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